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Windows 10 ltsb vs ltsc amy krouse rosenthal letter Windows 10 ltsb vs ltsc on 2018-06-12 by guenni Today I like to discuss within a blog post the question, how reasonable is it, to use a Windows 10 LTSC versions. Advertising The initial idea for this article raided from my German blog post Windows 10, geplante Obsoleszenz? Within this article I pointed out some implications of Windows as a service. On some days, however, the pieces of a puzzle come to light and forces suddenly an image. No more feature updates and a operating system base that gets 10 years of support.

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Remote display protocol and v GPU Antivirus Please note that one of the assumptions in this blog post is that you are leveraging Windows 10 Enterprise edition. Some design considerations also applies to other Windows 10 deployment types, so this blog post might also be worth reading when you are not designing a Windows 10 Virtual Desktop solution. Windows 10 build Deciding which Windows 10 build you are going to pick is one of the first design choices you are going to make. For this use cases you might not want to leverage new features, but only stay current on security updates.

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What is Windows 10 LTSC?

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Windows 10 LTSB (Gamer) vs. PRO - TESTE EM 8 GAMES - 1080p

Windows 10 LTSB vs Windows 10 PRO v1703 em Jogos (Gameplay Teste)

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