Which stable element is used to determine the age of volcanic rock?

Which stable element is used to determine the age of volcanic rock? frigidaire ice maker motor Fission track analysis Radiocarbon Dating Carbon is a very special element. In combination with hydrogen it forms a component of all organic compounds and is therefore fundamental to life. Willard F. Libby of the University of Chicago predicted the existence of carbon-14 before it was actually detected and formulated a hypothesis that radiocarbon might exist in living matter. Willard Libby and his colleague Ernest Anderson showed that methane collected from sewage works had measurable radiocarbon activity whereas methane produced from petroleum did not.

how is radioactive decay used to date sedimentary rocks?

Email to friend By Mark Kurz and Karen Harpp One of the most common questions that scientists and nature lovers ask when they see an interesting rock is. how old is it? Cerro Azul vocano on Isabela Island. Hundreds of years ago, geologists used the relative position of rock layers to tell which one was older. Think about a pile of laundry -- the clothes at the bottom are older or were worn longer ago than the ones on top.

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which statement explains why carbon-14 dating cannot be used to date ancient rocks?

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which statement describes what happens to elements during radioactive decay?

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which statement accurately describes radioactive dating?

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