'Amazing Race' recap, A cheesy time in Switzerland

Where did amazing race go in switzerland how to find a country girl The latter said they felt confident having always finished in the top two, and credited amaazing eight-year friendship for their good communication. Teams ran through the streets, the landmark in their sights in the distance. The rest of the teams filed in behind them, and everyone ripped the clue and headed for the shop. Tonight, May 29, 2019, the 7th episode of this current season 31 did indeed air. To get things started, it was revealed that the remaining teams had to head to Zurich, Switzerland to get their first clue for this leg of the race. At one point, there was talk of u-turning Nicole and Victor.

amazing race season 23 cast

Arriving in Chiasso, Switzerland, the four teams ran off the train and each jumped into a Ford Focus for the drive to Altdorf. Reaching the small city after darkness fell over the snow-covered land, the teams unexpectedly encountered a festive holiday parade that they navigated around to find the Wilhelm Tell statue near the center of town. Who needs friends? A few minutes later, just as the first light of dawn broke through the dark skies; two figured entered the town square, Wilhelm Tell and his son, greeted by the cheers from the teams. The famous figure handed each team their clue instructing them to drive to Lucerne and find the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, the Chapel Bridge.

Leg 7 - Water Power Detour - All Teams - The Amazing Race 31

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