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When was la place de la concorde built doki doki literature club review When was la place de la concorde built equestrian statue, designed by the sculptor, Edme Bouchardon, was started in 1748 and completed in 1763. The famous eighteenth century French architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel did the planning for Place de la Concorde, which was completed in 1772. History and Design The statue and the square that housed it were built for a number of reasons. The King, who had suffered a serious illness, recovered, and the statue was a celebration of his recovery. Around this same time, many prestigious squares had been completed, or at least started, in several French cities. It is therefore a perfect venue for major official events such as Bastille Day celebrations. An official tribune is then erected in its centre. This is where the President of the Republic, members of his government and French and foreign personalities and guests attend the military parade on 14th July. The aldermen of Paris funded the creation of the square in order to pay tribute to Louis XV. They commissioned Ange-Jacques Gabriel, the king's architect, for the design of the octagonal square and the equestrian statue of Louis XV that marked its centre.

Place de la Concorde

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Place de la Bastille vs. Place de la Concorde Clashing of the squares Despite the unwavering unity that the Haussmannian layout ensures to the French Capital, not all places are alike. As two titans opposing each other, the gigantic public squares of Concorde and Bastille both are the perfect examples of that.

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place de la concorde artist crossword

During the French Revolution, the square underwent dramatic changes. In 1792, the statue was destroyed and and the square was renamed, Place de la Revolution Revolution Square. During the Revolution, the square became the selected site for the guillotine and soon turned into a bloodstained stage as the revolution descended into anarchy. With the Reign of Terror coming to its end in 1795, the square was officially renamed Place de la Concorde, which is a reference to peace and harmony.

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