'New Girl' season 5 spoilers, plot news: Reagan prepares to leave as Jess returns from jury duty

When does jess come back in season 5 telegram channels link india By Leah Marilla Thomas Feb 9 2016 Television has employed a lot of "creative" methods to hide actors' pregnancies over the years when their characters were not in the same condition, but I will forever be obsessed with New Girl's decision to just allow their star to go home. While this is both exciting and creative and a way to let when does jess come back in season 5 actually have a maternity leave, when will Zooey Deschanel be back on New Girl? If you're missing that quirky juror, never fear. Jess will be back in one month.

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When an actress gets pregnant, a TV show has a decision to make. write it into the story or play Hide the Baby Bump for a few months. But when Zooey Deschanel unexpectedly became pregnant, New Girl forged its own path with a combination of clever writing, killer guest stars, and adjusted shooting schedules. Jess returned last night, leaving the props that strategically covered her belly behind. And I have to say, they pulled off her return and Reagan's departure pretty well. Jess came back from jury duty with souvenir T-shirts for the gang, including Reagan, and flashbacks to her forbidden romance with Juror 237B.

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New Girl: Nick & Jess 5x13 #5 (Nick: We fell in love with each other, crazy love)

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