Ionic, covalent, and metallic bonds

What happens in ionic interactions julius caesar summary Updated May 11, 2018 By Claire Gillespie A chemical compound is made up of many identical molecules formed from atoms from more than one element, attached by chemical bonds. However, not all compounds are created equally. Different things happen to ionic and covalent compounds when they dissolve in water.

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Learning Objectives Identify the key features of ionic bonds Key Takeaways Key Points Ionic bonds are formed between cations and anions. A cation is formed when a metal ion loses a valence electron while an anion is formed when a non-metal gains a valence electron. They both achieve a more stable electronic configuration through this exchange. Ionic solids form crystalline lattices, or repeating patterns of atoms, with high melting points, and are typically soluble in water.

Ionic Bonds, Polar Covalent Bonds, and Nonpolar Covalent Bonds

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When this happens, it is called a polar covalent bond, and the molecules formed by polar covalent bonds are called polar molecules. Nitrogen and oxygen have a higher affinity for electrons than hydrogen does, so whenever hydrogen atoms are bound to nitrogen or oxygen it is a polar compound. Water H2O is an example of a polar compound. Since part of each water molecule is positive and part of the molecule is negative, adjacent water molecules will tend to be attracted to each other. The attraction between the partially positive hydrogen atom of one molecule and the partially negative oxygen or nitrogen atom of another molecule is called a hydrogen bond.

Chapter 2. The Chemical Level of Organization 11 2.

Types Of Chemical Bonds - What Are Chemical Bonds - Covalent Bonds And Ionic Bonds - What Are Ions

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