50 Most Influential Fashion Bloggers in the Philippines for 2019

Top filipino lifestyle bloggers what to watch for with online dating Contributors control their own work and posted freely lfestyle our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. Since the new millennium touched down, just click for source has upped its game and from then on the internet, social media and various smart-phone apps hav taken the world by storm and communication between people has become more entertaining than ever. From Twitter to Instagram and now to Snapchat - top filipino lifestyle bloggers just keep on coming and people go nuts about them as every day, more and more people just kept on jumping on the social media bandwagon. Snapchat is starting to be the new social media app craze in the Philippines as more and more famous Filipino celebrities start using Snapchat top filipino lifestyle bloggers a regular basis to keep in touch with their friends, fans and followers.

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When fashion was once relegated to the catwalk in far-off cities like Milan and New York, the past decade and a half has seen a number of local fashionistas who are cultivating their senses of style to create uniquely Filipino looks. Instagram Blog Ira Denise Oyco Part of a later crop of fashion bloggers and style influencers, Ira Denise Oyco stands out from the crowd with looks that run the gamut from ultra-feminine to relaxed urban androgyny. Also a well-worn traveler, Ira writes about her style and experiences on her blog, Ira Diaries, and is able to balance her preference for relaxed, stylish looks with keeping up with current fashion trends. Follow her as she travels the world and makes her mark, one outfit at a time. Her urban, feminine style has a maturity and confidence that absolutely sets her apart from the rest.


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These influencers are motivating fashion enthusiasts around the world with their unique style, innovative beauty tips, and engaging personalities. Whether you live in the Phillippines or across the globe, you'll be captivated, we promise! Gretchen Gatan Gretchen Gatan is a managing editor for an online beauty magazine and shop, a makeup artist, plus a beauty and lifestyle blogger. She uses her personal blog, Greta's Junkyard, as a creative outlet where she writes about all things beauty and lifestyle, as well as her random thoughts and favorite things.

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