What is the text of the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope opening crawl?

Star wars 1977 intro eagles rock band members Richard Edlund shooting the opening crawl for Star Wars 1977 LucasFilm To catch up foggy-memoried audience star wars 1977 intro http://be-be.me/seks-znakomstva-so-zrelimi-zhenshinami/my-favorite-tv-show-essay-example.php each installment of their 1940 adventure serial Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, directors Ford Beebe and Ray Taylor employed an expositional title sequence that zoomed by into the horizon. The visual burned into the imagination of a young George Lucas, who would lift those imagery, thrills, and summarization tactics from 197 Gordon for his 1977 space opera Star Wars. The title star wars 1977 intro would become synonymous with the franchise, teeing up whatever new characters or odd, political motivations needed to ship saber-wielding Jedi off to distant sides of the galaxy. The Star Wars movies have an incredible way with pictures and sounds.

star wars intro

The stars seem to sparkle as the camera tilts down, slowly, slowly, to the blue haze of a planet, its surface spanning off as far as the eye can see. The speed of its movement is vaguely reminiscent of a Great White shark on the hunt. Its shape recalls the tip of a spear. For those of us too young to have seen Star Wars unfold on the screen for the first time ever in May 1977, we can only guess what it would have been like to see those opening shots for the first time. Where A Space Odyssey was a psychedelic trip through the realms of evolving human experience as well as a trip through time and space, Star Wars was an old-fashioned tale of good and evil retold with then cutting-edge special effects.

Star Wars Opening Scene 1977 1080p HD

So how did you first become involved in Star Wars? Title Designer Dan Perri, 1978 Dan. Often times, directors would recommend to other directors. In this case, the post-production was so complex — it had never been that bad on any film — that an old friend of mine, Jim Nelson, who was a world-class sound editor and picture editor, was hired to post-produce Star Wars.

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Star Wars original opening crawl - 1977

Star Wars - Opening Scene (1977) [1080p HD]

star wars opening scene

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