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Sky uk channel list classic muppets songs Our Shows Hollywood Love Story Paris Hilton presents the nebulous world between fantasy and reality that is social media, through a series of cautionary tales about the lives of young people trying to make it in sky uk channel list Los Angeles. Sky uk channel list of the Road Three teams go on the skate trip of a lifetime, shedding blood and dignity to be crowned the Kings of the Road. The Ice Cream Show A series that explores the delicious world of ice cream across the country. Host Isaac Lappert—a third generation ice cream maker—travels from his hometown of Sausalito, CA to ice cream shops across the lixt to meet with shop owners with interesting approaches to making ice cream.

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So I'm thinking my next step should be to do some fuzzy string matching on the channel names and marry up the channels to each data source. The final stag and this is the one I'm totally stumped on would be how I then create a custom channel list for TVH. I've been delving around in the channel, channels, dvbmuxes, dvbtransport etc folders but I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with the easiest way to achieve what I want. Replies 142 RE. Sky Auto Channel Numbering - Added by Jonathan Kempson over 5 years ago Been on quite a few tangents with this one So I've been looking into a script for Dreambox clones called AutoBouquets and have basically reduced it to an absolute minimum functioning state in the hope I can move it in a new direction towards integrating with TVH.

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