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Senior citizen travel clubs body cupid website Although seniors who find themselves suddenly single might be afraid to journey solo, some travel organizations have special programs designed for single seniors. Choosing a Trip Your personal style of meeting people determines your best options for a senior singles vacation. Some people opt for senior citizen travel clubs designated singles vacations. Others prefer cultural and sport vacations designed for seniors.

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Vin March 26, 2017 Senior Safety No Comments We plan for our senior years all our lives, daydreaming about long vacations. You browse travel sites and brochures, imagining yourself in exotic places. Then, like many people, you find it more comfortable to stay home. Buying tickets and booking flights are too much of a hassle. You put it off one more month, one more year.

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Senior Travel Tips: What is the Best Way to Travel After 60? Train, Plane, Boat or Car?

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