Radioactive polonium in cigarette smoke

Radioactive isotopes in cigarettes htc one a9 specs Radiation from tobacco smoke is one of the prime factors in causing lung cancer. The cancer usually begins at the bronchial branches called bifurcations by particles which collect and from hot spots radioactive isotopes in cigarettes high radiation levels. The smoker receives this type of radiation called Alpha Radiationfrom Tobacco smoke from the following sources. Radioactive Polonium-214 in radioactve smoke and particles.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Gamma-ray spectrometry was applied using Ge planar and coaxial type detectors of high resolution and high efficiency. It was concluded that the activities of the radioisotopes of radium, 226Ra and 228Ra in the tobacco leaves reflected their origin from the soil by root uptake rather than fertilizers used in the cultivation of tobacco plants. Lead-210 originated from the air and was deposited onto the tobacco leaves and trapped by the trichomes.

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The sticky underside of tobacco leaves hold radionuclides that come from fertilizer. Toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke are the main reason cigarettes cause cancer, but radiation also may play a part. Tobacco farmers use fertilizer to help their crops grow.

What Are Radioactive Isotopes? - Chemistry for All - FuseSchool

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Radioactivity in tobacco smoke

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