Treating and Preventing Plantar Warts

Plantar wart extremely painful gainesville fl population with students They can also make walking exrtemely painful. No wonder people are enthusiastic about some strange remedies, so long as they work. Trouble Treating Plantar Warts. Q. I have a large plantar wart on the big toe of my left foot. I have had it treated twice, once with liquid plantar wart extremely painful and another time with a medication that turned it into a large blister.

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About the Author. Matthew Busse Matthew Busse has pursued professional health and science writing since 2007, writing for national publications including "Science Magazine," "New Scientist" and "The Scientist. View Full Profile Plantar warts are noncancerous growths occurring on the bottom of the foot, which is also called the the plantar surface of the foot. Plantar warts are caused the by human papillomavirus, abbreviated HPV, which infects people through cuts in the skin. HPV infections are sometimes picked up on the floor of public showers, according to Mass. The warts frequently develop on the heels or balls of the feet, where the most pressure is placed on the bottom of the foot.

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