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Ore monogatari characters building a friendship before a relationship The characters are great fun and likable from the very start, the over the top almost-fucking-dying stuff is pretty silly in a good way, and this idea of a big burly not-usually-the-main-character guy being the lead were intriguing — especially when his ore monogatari characters friend looked like most main love interests in romance anime for a few years ode and he turned out to just be the most amazing friend imaginable. Right about halfway through the show I began to really notice a few problems — big ones. Starting the show out with that is fine, starting the relationship out with that is ore monogatari characters in real life but fine as a way to give the show a nice big early boost…but never ever developing those feelings further or deeper at all? Neither one is in it read article sex but neither one is really in it out of love either, this is a relationship ore monogatari characters on ore monogatari characters impressions, looks, and a guy who realizes he has no other options because all his past crushes have wanted his best friend no really, click is canonically a reason in the story and the monogatark background for the character.

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Make the judgement for yourself to see whether the series is a great light-hearted comedy or a huge male-chauvinistic piece of work. I will state that yes this is a guy's opinion, but more importantly, a manga lover's opinion. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read Textualpoacher and yamaken-dono's review of the series. While I understand that they're entitled to their own opinions, it seems like their disapproving comments are more about how Ore Monogatari is a terrible shoujo series rather than evaluating the work for itself. Their statements imply that no girls would be interested in getting into this because the females are portrayed as characters that care too much about looks and are "subservient".

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The start of a unique love story. Ore Monogatari!! My Love Story!! Although Ore Monogatari!!

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