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Mock the week female comedians 2018 test ie on mac Save to wishlist Save to Wishlist The Edinburgh Fringe and 24-carat comedy make quite the double act. Now mock the week female comedians 2018 its 71st year and with an impressive 3,548 shows on offer, the Fringe has a reputation for producing comedic gold. From well-known talent to emerging names, catch our round-up of the best must-see comedians performing at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August 3—27, 2018. Better still, catch this firecracker live at the Fringe and embrace the magic.

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We are excited to bring you the incredible Ed Gamble live in our fabulous setting. Ed Gamble is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor. Full of energy, loud, charismatic. Tom Glover is guest MC for this show with top support acts and in the wonderfully welcoming and intimate venue at Hotel Celebrity. Since discovering his passion for comedy Danny has never looked back.

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Mock the Week - Series 18: Episode 1

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