Serial number j 473 date of manufacture marlin 35 rem model 336 s c?

Marlin 336 35 remington serial numbers emotionally abusive parents reddit There's nothing special about the gun, plain old lever action with a 3x9 Simmons scope. As a kid I would literally dream of having a lever action 30-30, I don't really like the wood on todays models, they just dont look the sameIMO. Shot it this afternoon, hit just where Marlin 336 35 remington serial numbers like it, one inch high at 100 yrds!!!!!! Hang on to it. Location. Kansas City Posts. 215 For your rifle it should be on the top tang or the side of the receiver because you say it is a 336CS which means "crossbolt safety" and they started in I think 1984 to present. If it is a Remington made rifle, most are on the left side of the receiver and start with MR etc. There is a possibility that you have a transition period gun which could have both Marlin and Remington factory parts which means that there could be a combination of stampings that would not be normal for either factory by itself. No big deal and no change in value either good or bad like some mismarked collectible guns might have. If anything, the guns from about 2009 and later are often passed over by true Marlin lovers because they had frequent quality issues such as poor fit of wood, crooked sights some badly , poor metal finish and I even heard of a couple that made it out of the factory without rifling!

Death of the Marlin Levergun

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