What was life like in the Roman army?

Life of a roman soldier facts epidemia definicion epidemiologia It was well-trained, well-equipped, and well-organized. In order to guard such a large empire, the army took advantage of well built Roman roads to move about the empire quickly. Who were the soldiers? The soldiers in the Roman Legionary were all Roman citizens.

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These forts were built as defences and as power bases. Wooden stockades were erected and surrounded by ditches wherever Roman soldiers camped and whenever Roman Forts were built. Manpower, organisation and pre-fabricated forts enabled the Romans to build Roman Forts quickly and efficiently. His pay was only one denarius daily. Marriage for Roman Soldiers was discouraged or forbidden.

10 Shocking Facts About Ancient Rome

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If you were a Roman citizen you could join the legions and become a legionary. If you weren't a citizen but you lived in the Roman empire, you could become an auxiliary soldier. Auxiliaries were only paid a third as much as auxiliaries, but lots of people still wanted to join up. It was a steady job with a reliable income, which might be better than what you could make at home, say as a farmer.

But even for these highly disciplined and well-equipped men, the armies that conquered half of Europe, daily life was far from glamorous. Getting Up Gaius wakes up early in the room he shares with the other seven men of his squad. After dressing in his tunic, belt and sandals, Gaius heads down to a room at the end of the barracks block. Here there is a fire burning in a hearth, chasing away some of the miserable cold of Britannia. Other early risers are making porridge and Gaius joins them.

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What Food did Soldiers Eat?

10 interesting facts about the roman army

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