Kingdom Hearts – The Story So Far collection features six games in one package

Kingdom hearts games chronology brad templeton robocars Kingdom hearts games chronology is no longer the case thanks to the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1. For players new to the franchise, this raises quite the conundrum, what order should they play the games? Have a different order? Let us and other Kingdom Hearts fans know in the comments section below! If you would like a short overview of the order of the games without tons of spoilers, you can find it here on this older post. The Book foretells of a dire event coming where all out war will consume the world and Darkness will swallow the Light. The Master of Masters warns his apprentices that this event is set in stone and is impossible to change, so not to fixate on it. Instead, plan for what comes next. The Master of Masters final apprentice — Luxu — who was not given a copy of the book.

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The Correct Order To Play The Kingdom Hearts Games!

how to play kingdom hearts in chronological order

All Kingdom Hearts Games [2002-201?]

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