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So my mother started dating again. We both started exploring our options around the same time, so you can imagine just how creepy it is to have way too much in common with your 63-year-old mom. I tried my darndest not to listen to any of her war stories because barf, but it quickly became apparent that my mom was hitting the same brick walls I was, despite the fact that we were not looking for the same things and were obviously obviously! That we were both dating again at the same time was weird enough but the strangest thing we discovered, while trying desperately not to overshare with each other, was that nothing really changes. Even if you lived through Woodstock.

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Back in the nineties, speed dating events attracted large diverse crowds. But as the years have gone on, the popularity of speed dating has dwindled potentially as a result of people primarily finding their partners through apps. My silent prayer was answered when my sweet Jewish mother purchased me 2 speed dating Groupons through 25dates. I mean… do you think she was sending me a subtle hint?

DATED #3: Swiped Out

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