Jimmy Webb on Glen Campbell: ‘The American Beatle Has Passed’

Jimmy webb wichita lineman youtube crush on professor what do i do In anyone else's hands, Witchita Lineman might have been a mawkish mish-mash. After all, the idea of a telephone lineman listening to, and falling in love with, a woman singing down the telephone lines seemed somewhat fanciful. Not http://be-be.me/sayt-znakomstv-v-izraile/free-russian-dating-sites-in-usa.php Glen Jimmy webb wichita lineman youtube. In his hands it becomes an evocation of unrequited love and longing. External Link. Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman "And I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time," went the song, and in all its intricate detail it had middle America enthralled.

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Or so he thought. But the most powerful and iconic of his hits is "Wichita Lineman," a haunting, moody song told from the viewpoint of a utility worker who spends his time on the road alone, written by longtime Campbell collaborator Jimmy Webb. It's a great lesson for anyone interested in doing creative work. Campbell was fresh off a hit with a different Webb song, "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," and was in the studio, recording an album that would eventually become Wichita Lineman. But he didn't quite have enough songs.

Jimmy Webb - Witchita Lineman

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