The Meaning Of The 'Mother!' Ending Is Seriously Messed Up, You Guys

Jennifer lawrence baby movie emily bustamante fabolous instagram Warning. Major spoilers for mother! Well, that was something. Jennifer Lawrence's mother! The problem is that no one quite seems able to agree on what that something is.

mother movie baby death

I kept on hyperventilating. Related Story Paramount Tell us what mother! I represent mother Earth, and what I have is Baby Jesus—if we guess the religion.

Jennifer Lawrence Guesses 'Hunger Games' Baby Face Mash Ups - MTV News

mother movie baby eating scene

Her sharp and funny personality is almost as well-known to the public as her acting ability, making her a popular talkshow guest and red carpet celebrity. In the photos below, we take a look at Jennifer's life so far, passing from her childhood in Kentucky through her most famous film roles to her next big projects on the horizon.

Sept 15 2017 Paramount Pictures Be warned before you go any further — if you're looking to avoid spoilers for Darren Aronofsky's latest, mysterious film, Mother! It's impossible to talk about Mother!

Mother! 2017 Baby's Death Scene HD

mother movie baby scene

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