The Beginning of Our Relationship Was a Nightmare but Now We're Happy Together

Is the first year of dating the hardest true love finder app While a rosy time for most couples, it also brings the challenge of complicated family and friend dynamics, financial concerns, and it can feel like is the first year of dating the hardest full-time job on top of the one you already have. So once the marriage license is signed, the cake is sliced and the trip has been had, couples believe the first year of marriage will be much more relaxing. Not exactly, according to psychologist Dr. Sarah Schewitz. Settling into a normal routine is hard.

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Apr 13, 2015 Getty Images We hear so often about couples who met and everything was perfect. They both lived in the same city, they were both single, they were both in a great place emotionally, and bam! They fell in love. While that's super lovely and great, I figured there had to be some real-life stories out there of couples who had rocky beginnings but ultimately happy endings. My boyfriend and I are high school sweethearts and dated for about a year before he moved to Texas to play semi-professional hockey and finish out his senior year of high school.

Is the First Year of Marriage a Nightmare?

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Why is it, then, that the stages of a romantic relationship seem more difficult to decipher? While it's true that every relationship cycles through different phases, what exactly they entail and how long they last differ from couple to couple. When is it best for couples to start getting serious? Does the honeymoon phase really exist?

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At least it looks this way on Facebook. Relationships are pretty easy during the first year. Okay, maybe not easy, but easier.

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