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By the 1960s a group of Canada-born people with a lack of fluency in Punjabi and a feeling of confusion between the two cultures had formed; they were shaped tremendously by exposure to Canadian mass media. Sikh Places of Worship One of the oldest and biggest in Canada. On sites like these members can browse through and choose partners according to racial and ethnic groups, professional and geographical preferences. This intermingling of cultures is bound to lead to formation of new relationships, which may even go on to stand the test of time. However with increasing acculturation of young Indo-Canadians to the norms of mainstream Canadian society, the earlier generations of Indo-Canadians have accepted that it no longer makes sense to compel their children to look for partners within the narrow limits of their local community.

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Punjab lies in the northwestern part of India and its adjacent areas in the neighboring country of Pakistan. The original inhabitants of this place are known as Punjabis even though they may follow different religions like Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam. The first arrival of Punjabis in Canada dates back to the beginning of twentieth century when men from the Indian subcontinent decided to make their way to the North American continent in search for better economic opportunities. The earliest immigrants were either veterans of the British Indian army or small farmers who had lost their land to rapacious village moneylenders.

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В соответствии с теорией Абрахама Маслоу потребности человека можно представить в виде строгой иерархической структуры, в которой первичные потребности физиологические и потребности в безопасности и защищенности требуют первоочередного удовлетворения, а вторичные потребности социальные, уважения и самовыражения приобретают мотивационный характер лишь по мере удовлетворения потребностей более низкого уровня.

Содержательные концепции мотивации исходят из того, что потребности и связанные с ними факторы определяют поведение людей и их отношение к работе.

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