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Htc one a9 specs tari segal ethnicity The A9 is slightly smaller and slimmer than htc one a9 specs flagship M9 — it's now 7. The curved back of previous HTC flagship smartphones is now gone, with the A9 featuring a flatter, more streamlined design. In fact, the A9 weighs the exact same as the iPhone 6S at 143g. The HTC One A9 comes in four elegant finishes. carbon gray, opal silver, topaz gold and, our personal favourite, deep garnet.

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Rear camera. 13MP Front camera. 4MP Let's leave the 'who copied who' debate though, and focus on what this phone actually is. a well-made Nexus phone with a few touches of HTC's smarts. Because it won't be a phone that any fan of the Taiwanese brand will recognise on a software level, such is the integration with Android Marshmallow. The interface is much, much closer to stock Android than ever, with loads of HTC's apps being dropped in favor of just presenting the Google options; this is a phone that's designed to be sleek when it comes to software, with HTC elevating the best parts of the new Android OS instead of putting its own stamp on the phone. It's stripped-back, clean and easy to use, with just a hint of HTC's touch on top. It's a Nexus with less of a Google stamp on it, with more freedom from the manufacturer to create the phone it wants.

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