Old-school social networks Tagged and Hi5 bought by MeetMe for $60M

Hi5 and tagged the same rinmaru games video game avatar creator This shift in the anx people communicate and interact with each other opens many opportunities not only for fledgling startups, but for companies born before the smartphone revolution was in full swing. Facebook was almost left shaking its fist at the smartphone dust cloud, but it turned hi5 and tagged the same around in time, and now more than half of its 1. Twitter may be struggling by some metricsbut more than 300 million monthly active users MAUs is nothing to scoff at, especially with 80 percent of those active on mobile.

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It is almost identical to the Tagged website. Both sites are owned by social and mobile tech company The Meet Group. A Brief History of Hi5 Hi5 became one of the most popular social networks in 2007 when it experienced a huge growth spurt with much of that popularity coming from Central America.

How to delete friends from Hi5 & Tagged

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Top 10 Social Media Platforms That Failed Spectacularly

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