New study suggests that the Philippines is the ancestral homeland of Polynesians

Half samoan half filipino indian dating denver In an exclusive interview, Captain Baybayan highlighted the special place Samoa holds in one half samoan half filipino the greatest achievements by the human race. the exploration and settlement of Eastern Polynesia, a 10million square mile area — the largest in the world — which started around 800BC and lasted for a thousand years. Three Samoan men in antiquity, photo taken by an unidentified photographer in Samoa. Date unknown. A Samoan not only had half samoan half filipino ingenuity to build an ocean going canoe, but an abundance of courage to jump into the canoe and set with no navigation instruments. Share Tweet Large black strips of spearhead and turtle shell patterns, parallel lines, waves made out of negative space and other geometric shapes are only a few of the designs that cover the skin of many Pacific Islanders. Traditionally, the tattoo process among Pacific Islanders, including those of the Philippines and Polynesia, is an art form signifying a right of passage, as well as a way to preserve ancient history and practices. Anyone outside of those names must apprentice under a relative of those two lines to master tatau. Traditional tatau is done with handmade stick tools, a plain stick to tap with and a comb usually made from animal bone. The process is a feat to accomplish, for both the person getting the tattoo and the artist because of the intense pain, risk of disease and many hours over days — or even months — to finish.

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To all Filipino soap opera lovers, with regret, I have to voice out this concern before it becomes a permanent stain in our society. I am afraid for Samoa and its people as it is almost on the brink of moral decay. If this trend continues further we will be permanently stained by foreign ideologies introduce through entertainments. Our land of a safe paradise will become a land of drama-laden paradise.


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