GWR 6000 'King' Class 6023 'King Edward II'

Gwr king class 6023 what to say to end a relationship After the weight testing they were to be scrapped at Briton Ferry at Neath until it was realised that the King class locomotives were not allowed west of Cardiff. They were then sent to Woodham Brothers scrapyard at Barry as this involved less travelling than taking the engines back to Swindon. Work continued until the autumn of 1988, when the MS scheme funding was withdrawn and the future of 6023 was cast into doubt. The restoration has included the casting of new rear driving wheels in 1994, followed by re-wheeling the chassis gwr king class 6023 1995. The damaged wheels were also acquired by the Great Gwr king class 6023 Society at Didcot and can today be seen on display there.

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The damage to the boiler happened during the course of the running in turns which were curtailed after covering 1500 miles in 22 days running, averaging 90 miles a day. Only 1500 Miles Running Before Withdrawal The engine was crewed by members of the restoration team who are also official steam crews at the MNR, in fact Mr Howells drove the engine for 1000 miles himself. So after a 22 year project, it is absolutely safe to assume the engine was operated correctly, after all, Mr Howells owns the black liveried GWR Pannier Tank No. He restored it from Barry Scrapyard condition and has operated it for several decades on the main line and heritage lines without incident between London Plymouth and Wolverhampton. He also supervised the Steam Railmotor project completed this year which is in the running to win a prestigious prize.

GWR 6000 Class Steam Loco 6023 King Edward II Heading South on M42

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6023 King Edward II and her final runs at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway - 10/06/2018

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