13 Best Golf Game Apps for iPhone & Android

Golf game apps apple babylon bee calvinist bingo Choose one of these most popular golf games for iOS in 2019 and then go solo or showcase your bag of tricks in the golf game apps apple madness! If yes, you would know how exciting it is to hit the balls into a sequence of holes. Should you wish to play this wonderful game on different terrain with some twists, pick out one of my 10 best golf games for iOS.

pga golf game app

So, we've driven down as many virtual fairways as possible to ensure your cash skips over the sand traps and lands on the iPhone and iPad green first time. We also wrote a load of hideous golf puns. Sorry about that. With the focus shifted away from the prolific swinger and on to the gameplay, EA essentially spruced up its golfing sim by making a few minor tweaks to its predecessor here and there - like a tighter gesture-controlled swing system and a snappier Challenge Mode. While still a little dry in its execution, it remains the gold standard for virtual golfing.

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GolfShot GPS App Review

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