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General counsel audit response letter we had sex now what If the Treaty is properly understood, that statement should not, itself, be cause for concern. The Treaty was carefully constructed so that it provides audit comfort to the auditors, as a third party, while preserving the confidentiality of general counsel audit response letter communications and the fundamental protections of attorney-client privilege, thereby encouraging consultation by the client with counsel as critical to promoting voluntary legal compliance. Thus, the information provided by lawyers in the audit response letter to auditors is more tailored than the information companies may be required to disclose pursuant to the accounting standards.

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DOJ is concerned that the language in the Interpretation will lead agencies to conclude that DOJ is the sole source of audit legal representation letters in cases where DOJ attorneys are handling legal matters on behalf of other Federal reporting entities. Recommended Implementation Guidance Management of the Federal reporting entity is responsible for adopting policies and procedures to identify, evaluate and account for litigation, claims and assessments as a basis for the preparation of financial statements in accordance with the requirements of the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990 and the Government Management Reform Act of 1994. Management of the Federal reporting entity is responsible for ensuring that loss contingencies, including those arising from litigation, claims and assessments, are presented in the financial statements in accordance with the requirements of Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards No.

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Auditors may wish to examine reports from internal investigations, legal opinions addressing potential liabilities, or presentations about prospective litigation prepared for the board of directors, among other materials. Ordinarily, many of these types of communications may be protected from discovery by the attorney-client privilege, but if they were disclosed to an independent auditor, that privilege would be waived in most jurisdictions. The solution to this dilemma may be the work product protection, which in most jurisdictions prevents discovery of materials prepared by a party, its counsel, or other representatives in anticipation of litigation.

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