Six key facts about the gender pay gap

Gender pay gap facts kit harington age height Here's a list to throw some light on what gender pay gap is all about around the world. Where is the gap highest and where is it the gender pay gap facts Do women get paid more than men? And which country is the role model for the rest of the world? Find out right here! But beyond the basics are some fascinating facts you may not have heard before. Mothers, including those who never left the workforce, get paid less than other women. When women enter a traditionally male-dominated occupation, wages go down in that field, even for men. Women are not drawn to low-paying fields because they want less money; rather, the work that women do is simply valued less than work done by men.

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The UN recently reported that the worldwide wage gap will take 70 years to close at the rate at which it is currently closing. From 2005-2014, the weekly earnings gender gap closed by only 1. From 1995-2004, the gap closed by 4. The rate has slowed down tremendously and very little gains are being made.

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