14 Hilarious Valentine Party Games

Games to play on valentines day space precinct 2040 cast Take all the pressure of planning an ultra-romantic night or scrambling to find a date, off of your shoulders and just have fun. Call up some games to play on valentines day, put out some finger foods, maybe some drinks and let the fun begin. To make things even easier and more entertaining I have gathered up some great games to get everyone smiling and laughing. You will need sticker paper and a marker for this game. As your guests arrive put one on their back.

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To keep them entertained and enjoying the festivities, these cool party games are ideal. Image Credit. Pixelery. Kids have one minute to complete a different game in each area. Whoever wins the station scores a point for their team. After 15 minutes, tally up the points to see the winning team.


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Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about flowers, candy, and cute crafts. For a party or family fun, get kids' hearts pumping with these active games instead. Pile them all on a blanket or bedsheet.

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Valentine's Day Games for Kids - Frugal Fun

Kids Valentine's Day Party Skit

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