It's been 4 years since Arkham Knight, so what has Rocksteady been working on?

Future batman video games modern love podcast spotify Spider-Man 2 PS4. where could Insomniac go with a sequel? Here it is. what future batman video games Rocksteady do next with its virtual version of the DC universe? We know for a fact that Rocksteady is gearing up for a triple-A releaseas they're hiring marketing people to promote it, but we don't have a clue what that game will end up being. It has also been rumoured that Futurf Bros Montreal, who previously made the prequel game Arkham Origins, is working on two games in future batman video games DC universe.

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The game featured a roster of new and returning villains, including Deathstroke, Firefly, and Black Mask, many of whom would return in Arkham Knight, confirming Origins' status as a canonical entry in the series. Related. Where's Superman? The Arkham brand has remained dormant, with fans all but losing their minds in anticipation for what might be next for this unique take on the DC Universe. On top of that, Arkham Knight's 100 percent ending fanning flames of speculation with its open-ended nature, suggesting that more Arkham stories aren't just plausible, but an inevitability.

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By James Davenport 2019-05-17T19.28.24Z The studio behind the beloved Arkham series has been quietly working on an unannounced project for nearly half a decade. Here's what we know.

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New Batman Arkham Game Confirmed for 2019?

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