25 College and High School Students Open Up About Their Favorite First Date

First date at uni forcing introverts to be extroverts Pinterest First dates. Uh oh, right? All the nerves and questions start in.

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College is a time for trying new things and for expanding your comfort zone. So why shouldn't we be going on dates that involve casinos, skydiving, fancy dinners downtown, hot air balloon rides or going to see a traveling Broadway play? I'll give you the one and only reason why these are not the typical college dates-- money.


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Challenge each other to a game of bowling. Even if you get all gutter balls, nothing loosens people up like a little friendly competition! Take a hike Get in touch with your inner adventurers by spending the day exploring a local hiking trail. Get dressed up for a night at the theater. Forget the movies — getting dressed up and seeing a play, concert or dance performance is a much classier upgrade.

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How to Seduce Someone on a Date

Top First Date Tips for Women (From a Guy!)

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