Myers-Briggs: 8 Introverted Personality Types

Extroverted introvert myers briggs flagstaff classifieds pets The ones with ijtrovert introvert extroverted introvert myers briggs up in a blanket, cat on her lap, binge-watching Netflix? The comics where the introvert eschews the big, loud holiday party for a quiet night at home with a favorite book and a cup of coffee? There is a LOT of information online about introverts. There are tons of books written for introverts now.

introvert vs extrovert

Good at small talk. Full of energy. They draw people to them, and they break people out of their shells. There are lots of notions like these about extroverts in pop culture.

Mbti: Extroverted / Introverted Sensing

By Laura K. Chang, Ph. The idea behind personality type is that characteristics that appear uninterpretable or even odd, make sense when we consider these behaviors through the lens of personality. We can act different ways in different situations and around different people.

The 4 Types of Introverts

full myers briggs test

This type is highly likely to appear extroverted to those around them, as they are most animated and enthusiastic when they are in the company of others. INFPs on the other hand, are only energized by social interaction if it plays on their extroverted intuition — for example, if they are brainstorming ideas with someone or discussing a philosophical issue.

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