1799: Bad Map Projection: Time Zones

Explain xkcd map age guide funny memes about old couples A double sized version of this image can be found by clicking the image at the comic on xkcd. Explain xkcd map age guide This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect. Table now has all relevant countries and is sortable. But needs to be filled out for each country with explanation of its time zone and why it looks as it does on the map. Especially those from title text needs explanation like that.

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Explanation Map projection , or how to represent the spherical Earth surface onto a flat support paper, screen... There is no universal solution to this problem. Any 2D map projection will always distort in a way the spherical reality. Many projections have been proposed in various contexts, each intending to minimize distortions for specific uses for nautical navigation, for aerial navigation, for landmass size comparisons, etc.

Discussion In my opinion, part of the joke which is hinted at but never explicitly stated in the explanation, is that normal south-up orientation maps are just as "correct" as their north-up counterparts, but they still appear "wrong" to us. The fact that correctly projected south-up maps feel "wrong" supposedly reveals some deep-seeded biases about how we view the world, or at least shows that we have very limited and rigid worldviews. The joke here is that this map isn't just showing the world differently, it's blatantly distorting the geography of the entire planet. At a glance, you may think it's a typical south-up map, but the humor is revealed as you notice all the new associations created by the rotation.

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Поэтому нельзя сказать, что они объективны. С другой стороны, ценность или антиценность не могут быть названы субъективными.

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