France facts: Geography, people and society

Expatica france facts paul wesley photoshoot Facts on the geography, people and society of Expatica france facts. There are also other overseas French overseas territories which are not regarded as being part of France proper. French Guiana. 1,183 km Border countries. Brazil 673 km and Suriname 510 km.

facts about france for kids

They also operate a Parliament, a Senate and a National Assembly. It operates under both a private and state enterprise system. The private enterprise system is highly extensive and encompasses over 2.

It has an area of 643,801 square km. It has several overseas regions and territories also. Paris is its capital and largest city. French is its official language.

7 Facts about amazing France

Moving to France? Here are some interesting French facts to prepare you for life in France, or if you are already living in France, test how well you know the French! Advertisement 2. About a quarter is covered by forest; only Sweden and Finland have more. Advertisement 3.

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