Food waste is target of legislation on expiration labels

California food expiration date law scotland visa requirements from dubai Date Labelling on Pre-packaged Foods Information about dates on pre-packaged food is a valuable source of information for consumers. A basic understanding of what terms are used can help you to better understand these labels. There are different kinds california food expiration date law date markings, depending on the product. The most common terms are "best-before" dates, "packaged on" dates, and expiration dates. Knowing what these terms mean will help you understand the labels, which in turn will help you make informed choices about the food you buy.

expiration date or expiry date

Big changes planned for the sell-by dates on food packaging By Caitlin Dewey Feb 20, 2017 1.35 PM The majority of Americans have no clear idea what "sell by" labels are trying to tell them. But after 40 years of letting us guess, the grocery industry has made moves to clear up the confusion. That's what most "use-by" dates indicate now, though studies have shown that many consumers believe they signal whether a product is OK to eat.

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Are Expired Foods Safe to Eat?

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