Thanksgiving Weekend in Boston

Boston black friday events itf houston tennis It opened at 1 a. You may have fond memories. Here are four reasons to stay home. For example, shopping for winter clothes and airline tickets are cheaper in January, balck to data and price-tracking firm Market Track and deals website Deals News. Gift cards are boston black friday events to get in December.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr contibutor Martha Chapa95 Students traveling home for Thanksgiving can look forward to turkey and all the requisite fixings, football games, and a chance to see old friends. But for those not traveling this week, fear not. Boston offers plenty to do that will put you in a holiday frame of mind. Where to eat The Beehive Known for its cozy atmosphere and live music, the Beehive uses both to its advantage to create a one-of-a-kind jazz Thanksgiving. Serving a special Turkey Day menu from noon until 10 p. The live jazz music will add a festive note.

Black Friday shoppers out in full force

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11/24 - 11/25/2011 Black Friday Shoppers B-Roll

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