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Books to read in eighth grade singles cruises australia under 35 Try some of these suggestions set in fascinating periods of American history. Set in Books to read in eighth grade during the yellow fever outbreak of 1793, Anderson uses the plight of one young lady to emphasize a time period in American history. Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson Isabel is a slave who has become separated from her baby sister. Now she must do whatever she can to readd with the only family member she has left in the world. Through their personal battles and triumphs as sisters, they always resurface as creative, highly independent young women.

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Pinterest Making this 8th grade reading list was a challenge. Not that there is anything wrong with reading the classics! Note. book covers and titles are affiliate links. Realistic Fiction for 8th Graders Most 8th graders will get a lot out of reading about kids their own age and will relate to all of these characters, even if their real life experiences are quite different.

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