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Black planet band second album friends phoebe dating two guys The album's title is a reference to a 1990 album named Fear of a Black Planet; the two do not have any common themes, although the names sound similar. Despite not having any singles, the album was very well-received by critics and even obtained the status of Album of the Year. It has been said that Steven Wilson started working on the album in 2006 when he was in Tel Aviv. In June, Wilson went back to London and met his black planet band second album members to continue working on the songs that he had been writing.

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The album cover itself was visually innovative for the time. Most rap artists chose photos of themselves on the cover but this album featured an illustration, which was more common for rock music. Johnson to create an image of a black planet eclipsing the earth with receding yellow text in the style of the introductory sequence of Star Wars. Fast forward twenty-five years, I walked through The Mall in Washington DC, returning from the Library of Congress where I was studying the astronomical illustrations from medieval through enlightenment Europe. I had spent the day documenting early star charts and the first heretical proposals for an infinite and chaotic universe.

Black Planet

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It's set in the immediate future tense, a condition of permanently impending insurrection, as signified by that steampipe loop, not unlike the kettle-at-boiling point squeal of 'Rebel Without A Pause' two years earlier. And, of course, it's a hostage to calendar fortune.

This pretty much sums up my view on the greatest rap album of all time. One of the few that had a consistent, running theme with its cuts, all being top quality and of great variety. Pepper's of hip-hop. Don't get me wrong.

Dark Temple - Dark Temple (Full Album 2017)

The Devil And The Almighty Blues - The Devil and the Almighty Blues (2015) (Full Album)

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Share on Twitter Open share drawer These landmark albums have been remastered and reissued in 2xCD sets, accompanied by period bonus tracks, instrumentals, and remixes. They remain encouraging reminders of what a hip-hop album can be to the world.

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