8 Things Being The Only Girl In My Family Taught Me About Men

Being the only girl in the family quotes dwarf dating free It means more attention for being different, no girl fights, and having a team of people to defend you when you need help. Though being the only girl has its perks, it also has some setbacks. No one understands your "time" Growing up as a female includes a lot of things and changes both physically and emotionally. When it comes that "time" in a girl life, having a bunch of guys in the house who don't understand what's going on isn't the most fun situation to be in. Privacy doesn't exist Guys aren't as drawn to drama as girls are, but brothers always feel the need to mess with you and know everything you're doing while fathers and uncles need to know what you're doing in order to onoy you and make being the only girl in the family quotes you aren't with guys or getting into trouble.

being the only girl quotes

Jan 28 2016 I am the third of four children. But I'm the only girl. My mother didn't think she could have children. Then, she had four kids in five years. Needless to say, our house was always chaotic.

Reality of Being the ONLY Girl Amongst 5 Brothers

being the only girl with brothers quotes

I grew up in a house with an older brother and two younger brothers. Nonetheless, it was always pretty hectic in my home. There were a lot of times that I was felt like more of an afterthought than a priority.

being the only daughter in the family

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