This Is The Average Age Of Marriage Right Now

Average marriage age by country 50 plus voyagers club A happily married couple celebrating their new relationship. Marriage is a legally recognized union between two partners in a relationship. The average age to first get married varies from one country to another and is affected by several factors such as financial stability, career, academic pursuit, and average marriage age by country background.

average age of marriage by year

Map by Priceonomics; data from the United Nations World Marriage Data 2015 Every year, parents have more and more reason to ask their children when they plan to get married. This is the case around the world, because marrying later than the previous generation is a global trend. People are getting married later—or not at all. In particular, which country you live in can impact how long you spend living single by as much as a decade. You can see this discrepancy in the above map, which illustrates the average age at which people get married by country.


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In several countries, the popularity of marriage is declining. The global trend suggests that people are delaying marriage for longer than the previous generations.

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average age to get married 2018

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