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Austin community college japanese switzerland time format We believe that this combination gives our students the best possible basis for becoming global citizens informed about this important region. Did You Know? Chinese Language Program The Chinese language curriculum at Austin College is a competency austin community college japanese model that works heavily with authentic materials from comunity very beginning of Chinese 101. It privileges speaking and listening skills and uses computer input to facilitate faster progress in reading and writing Chinese.

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As both a native speaker and a longtime resident of the US, she is able to bridge the cultures in a way that many instructors would not be able to. I have been studying with her for over six months - both in a private and college setting - and I feel that I would be hard pressed to find a better teacher. In a college setting, she is very strict and covers a lot of material in a short period of time, and those who take her courses must be prepared to expend significant time and energy for success, but those who can keep up are well equipped to continue their studies with pretty much any other teacher or course. I started from knowing absolutely nothing about Japanese language or culture and now, having completed just 5 hours of lessons with her, I feel I have a solid foundation to build upon. Within our 5 hours we covered numbers, greetings, and almost all of the 46 basic hiragana.

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