If Your Partner’s Ex Is Still In Their Life, Ask These 5 Questions

Are you comfortable with your significant other being friends with an ex? dating funny quotes tumblr Aug 16 2018 Andrew Zaeh for Bustle While it's natural to jump to conclusions and assume the worst if your partner is friends with their exit's important to keep in mind that many people remain friends after a breakup — in a perfectly healthy, mature, and respectable way. Do they hang out with you? Do you feel respected? Are there clear wjth healthy boundaries? If so, their friendship is likely nothing to worry about. By Rachel Shatto Apr 11 2018 When you're in a relationship with someone, it's rarely just with them. That can be a really incredible experience where you gain new friends and maybe even family, but it can also be tricky if there are people in that group who your partner has a complicated relationship with, like an ex. First of all, is it even possible for exes to be just friends? Well, I can tell you from personal experience that it absolutely is. One of my very best friends is an ex, who is now also really close with my current partner.

Dynamics vary, of course, but one thing that's almost always hard to achieve is managing to be friends with an ex. People move on, and when they do, new people are added into the mix and dynamics can get even more complicated. If your partner and their ex are in the same group of friends, should you be friends with your partner's ex? It can be awkward AF, but if your partner is on good terms with their ex, and their ex is someone they still have to see on the reg, it might be in your best interests to try and make nice. Giphy Your partner could have countless reasons for wanting to be friends with their ex , none of which may have anything to do with their past relationship.

Why Ex's Can't be "Just Friends" (SHOCKING RESULTS!)

being friends with an ex while married

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