Le Havre and the Cinema of Nostalgia

Aki kaurismaki le havre jimi hendrix and his father The film consists of two overlapping stories. in one, the wife of a poor shoe-shiner Marcel Marx suddenly falls ill and is diagnosed with an unnamed fatal aki kaurismaki le havre. Over kauriwmaki past decade, thousands of asylum seekers have passed through northern France in particular, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais coast in an effort to cross the Channel into England. Even today, Calais remains a major limbo spot for migrants. the Calais Migrant Solidarity organization gives the average number of migrants living there at around 300. Talk The following is a reprint of our review from Cannes. The film centers on Marcel Marx Andre Wilms , a former Parisian bohemian — whose success was mostly artistic he says — who has since retired to the northern coastal town of Le Havre. He makes a modest living shining shoes, has a small community of friends on the street on which he lives, and is married to the sweet Arletty Kaurismaki regular Kati Outinen. Life revolves around his daily rounds, a quick drink or two at the bar and dinner with his wife who manages the household and keeps Marcel in line.

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Tweet Here is the sunniest film I've seen by Aki Kaurismaki , and he reveals a lot of sunshine inside for a director whose world is usually filled with deadpan losers. His dour films are comedies, too, and baffle some viewers while others grow unreasonably fond of them. Apprehensive loners fail at unpromising enterprises and their hopes are crushed by an uncaring society, but it's piled on so deep, you're pretty sure Kaurismaki is grinning.

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Interview KATI OUTINEN on Aki Kaurismäki and his film LE HAVRE

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