GridView and DetailsView Events

Add an event handler for the rowupdated event of the gridview control michael sheen twilight new moon In this handler, we queried the database to get the details of the selected employee, then displayed the result in a DetailsView control. If we wanted to disallow the selection of a particular employee say, the employee with the ID 1we could do so by setting e. DataKeys selectedRowIndex. Why not?

gridview rowupdating get boundfield value

I've been trying really hard to work around this problem myself, but I give up. So, here's the problem.I have a gridview with datakeynames set to "ID" id from database table. When a user clicks edit in the gridview, i want the user to be redirected to another page with the id as a querystring paramater.

gridview rowediting

NET data Web control. We'll also see how to customize the editing interface to only update a subset of the product fields. Introduction When using the built-in inserting, editing, or deleting features of the GridView, DetailsView, or FormView controls, a variety of steps transpire when the end user completes the process of adding a new record or updating or deleting an existing record. As we discussed in the previous tutorial , when a row is edited in the GridView the Edit button is replaced by Update and Cancel buttons and the BoundFields turn into TextBoxes. After the end user updates the data and clicks Update, the following steps are performed on postback. The GridView populates its ObjectDataSource's UpdateParameters with the edited record's unique identifying field s via the DataKeyNames property along with the values entered by the user The GridView invokes its ObjectDataSource's Update method, which in turn invokes the appropriate method in the underlying object ProductsDAL.

gridview insert update delete in

onrowupdating event

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