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1920 furniture australia html input validation group Danish designers used new industrial 1920 furniture australia, ideas of simplicity and functionalism. Perhaps the most iconic architecture that 1920 furniture australia austrralia Danish design is the Sydney Opera house. Famous Danish Furniture Designers The list of mid-century Danish furniture designers is long, but we will focus a little on the retro and vintage Danish designers who are regularly stocked at Collectika. Hans Wegner Hans J. Wegner was famous for his specialisation and exceptional achievements in chair designs. He designed over 500 chairs, of which over 100 were taken up by large manufacturers for mass production.

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Zilm family furniture The largest Zilm chair features arms carved to resemble outstretched hands. National Museum of Australia The Zilm family furniture collection of four hand-crafted wooden armchairs, a stool and a side table was made and used by a 19th-century immigrant German family in South Australia. The chairs and stool were hand-carved and constructed from Australian red gum and other eucalypts in the 1890s by Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Zilm, known as Wilhelm.

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