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Shot put measurement rules rails rspec expect response json Share on Facebook The shot put measurement rules put is one of many events held during a track and field competition. The winner of the event is the athlete who has put or pushed the shot the farthest. Because distance is the main factor in determining the winner, precise measurements are required.

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In the English language it is common to use the term "shot put" to refer to both the shot itself and to the throwing motion. Competitions and rules Competitors take their throw from inside a circle 7 feet 2. The distance thrown is measured from the inside of the circumference of the circle to where the shot lands at its nearest disturbance of the soil.

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He has extensive experience in sports writing, most notably on football and strength training. The shot put is one of several field events that use distance measurements to determine a winner. As with each event, the shot put has a standardized measuring method.

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