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For example, you have lost your phone and want to contact someone as early as possible. Free text message from PC does the job immediately without wasting any of your valuable time. Moreover, if the free message limit in your phone is over, and you do not want to spend any extra money that month, free text messages from your PC or laptop are really helpful in such cases.

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Jabber Whether you're traveling for business and you want to send a quick SMS text to colleagues or family at home, or you want to fire off a message to an employee, colleague or client overseas, you can do it easily and for free. Whatever specific method you choose, you'll need at least access to the Internet or a phone data plan. Additionally, the location of the person whom you want to reach plays a role. In-Network Service Use your carrier's services to send to another user. Verizon, for example, has a feature on its website where you can enter other Verizon users' phone numbers — up to 10 at a time — and type and send a message via the Verizon site.

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