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Nelson mccoy pottery company groupon laser eye surgery london Free Ground Shipping! McCoy Pottery was established by James W. McCoy in 1899. The majority nelson mccoy pottery company the products they created in the beginning were functional pieces such as jugs, jars, crocks, and even poultry fountains. Because they were located in an area rich in natural clay, they also conducted a profitable mining operation, mining and selling clay to other American pottery companies.

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They began to manufacture and sell functional and decorative stoneware. They also mined, bought and sold clay. This part of their business provided clay to many of the area potteries for several years.

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The pottery produced utilitarian stoneware and operated successfully until about 1919. At that time the pottery joined with eleven other stoneware potteries and formed the American Clay Products Company, which was located in Zanesville, Ohio. All of the member potteries produced stoneware to be marketed by the new company. The ACPC produced sales catalogs of the wares that were produced, which purposely had no trademark, and had salesmen to advertise and take orders. The pottery orders received by the company were shared among the different potteries based on production capability, and the revenue received was proportionally distributed.

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General History and Points of interest McCoy Pottery McCoy pottery has a unique history dating back to at least 1848 with the start of pottery making by W. Nelson McCoy and W. McCoy the founding fathers of McCoy pottery. As with most pottery makers of the day they set up shop in what is now Zanesville, Ohio.

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