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Malvern st james teachers gary brody tennis He is also a member of the Council of Malvern College. Ken and his wife Malvern st james teachers are parents of three children, including two Old Malvernians, and they now enjoy seven grandchildren. His interests include all sports, music, family history, bread making and the First World War, with regular trips to the battlefields of the Western Front. His connection with the school dates back to 2001, when one of his daughters joined Hillstone School, a predecessor school to The Downs Malvern, malvern st james teachers then went jamrs to Malvern College. Carey is also a Magistrate on the Worcestershire Bench, enjoys golf, watching rugby, soccer and cricket, the theatre and travel.

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Holiday Activity Days Adventures for All Our team of experienced instructors are here to challenge and inspire you and your group to step outside of your comfort zone and test yourself. We develop our courses to include adrenalin filled activities like high ropes courses and zip wires. Provide plenty of opportunities to wet and muddy and encourage everyone to grow and develop personal and social skills. Learn more Primary Schools Tailor made primary school residential trips are our speciality.

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What motivates her above everything else is. "Helping learners to be able to learn independently — to fire their curiosity and enable them to exploit information sources for themselves. I haven't actually read all the books in the library or know all the answers — I just know how to use the system and find the answer. She is about to travel to Queensland, Australia for the International Association of School Librarianship annual conference, where she will present a paper on the independent learning projects which she has organised for Year 6 and Year 9 pupils at Malvern St James in the past year.

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